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You have just been sprinkled with pixie dust! No, it’s not grainy glitter you have sweep up later. CAIN Magic Company uses only organic pixie dust––the invisible kind that springs from your imagination. Now enter the world of Ron Cain, the Central New York magician whose magic shows and magical classes celebrate fantasy and fun.

Magician Ron Cain with animated bunny

"Build a Better World" with MAGIC!

Central New York magician Ron Cain conjures up your favorite fictional lands with his new magic show, “Build a Magical World.” The show highlights the 2017 New York state summer reading program theme, "Build a Better World.”

Appearing at schools and libraries throughout the state, Cain takes young readers on an imaginary trip to different fantasy worlds. Children help him perform tricks inspired by characters and stories from places like Wonderland, Neverland, Hogwarts and Oz.

Cain also invites youngsters to use these books to come up with ideas for improving their world. The show stresses commonly accepted values, such as kindness, cooperation, hard work and concern for nature.

Globe flying

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