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You have just been sprinkled with pixie dust! No, it’s not grainy glitter you have sweep up later. CAIN Magic Company uses only organic pixie dust––the invisible kind that springs from your imagination. Now enter the world of Ron Cain, the Central New York magician whose magic shows and magical classes celebrate fantasy and fun.

Magician Ron Cain with animated bunny

Cain kicks off  the "Olymp-Trick Games"

Central New York magician Ron Cain takes young readers on an imaginary journey to ancient Greece this summer. His “Olymp-Trick Games Magic Show” highlights the 2016 state summer reading program theme, "On Your Mark, Get Set. . . READ!”

The 45-minute program combines an Olympic-style emphasis on sports with Greek myths and legends. Cain tells the audience he needs help finding the ultimate champion of his “Olymp-Trick Games.” The contenders are Greek gods, goddesses and heroes. Each must perform a magic trick related to an Olympic event.

Children volunteer to play the contestants during the show. Will Heracles (Hercules) best everyone in illusions involving feats of strength? Is Artemis faster at sleight-of-hand than her twin brother, Apollo? Can greedy King Midas magically win the gold in any event?

Cain is a former history teacher who recently traveled to Greece to visit Panathenaic Stadium, site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. He also did extensive research for the new program.

The ancient Greeks valued physical fitness and sports, which prompted them to create the Olympic Games more than 2,700 years ago. They also were great thinkers and writers who influenced other cultures with their work. Cain hopes his show will inspire young people to visit their local library to read and learn more about Greek history and mythology.

Cartoon Olympic rings

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